About Us

The History of Norwall PowerSystems began in 1996 when company founder Gerald Hertsch started CJ’s Generators and Small Engine Repair—a generator repair and parts shop for the smallest portables to large industrial generator sets on the market. CJ’s realized early success by servicing and maintaining RV generators for winter visitors to Lake Havasau, Arizona. The online website Norwall.com became the next step with the formation of Norwall PowerSystems, Inc. in 1997 to sell generators online.

The early achievements of the website grew into a company that delivered more than 200,000 standby generators and other generators over more than 20 years in business.

Today, Norwall remains committed to the online sale of standby generators, backup power generators, RV generators, and portable generators along with maintenance supplies and parts. Our warehouses stock 1000s of generators and parts for immediate shipment. We also sell related equipment such as generator-powered light towers, water pumps, outdoor power equipment, and pressure washers.

Our  staff has more than 60 years combined experience in the electrical power industry and receives annual factory training. If you have generator questions, Norwall’s courteous and knowledgeable personnel have the answers to your question. We listen and take notes, and then share our knowledge with our customers.

I  had my new generator installed last year and what a relief it was. The power went out and my new generator kicked right in. The power was out three days and it never missed a beat. Thanks Norwall.

James, 2017

Norwall PowerSystems Staff

At Norwall PowerSystems, we find ways to save our customers money and make their shopping experience the best on the internet. Beginning with our “Refer a Friend Rebate”, we give you more ways to save than other online retailers. With the Norwall Club, customers can log in and the online catalog automatically highlights special offers and savings at checkout unavailable to other shoppers including gift card incentives and in-cart specials. We also offer an additional 2 percent savings with payment by echeck or wire transfer. Members keep up to date with newsletters that include current specials, links to information, and relevant news.

Nowall always looks out for the best interest of our customers. Great customer service is important and we’ve taken the steps to give our staff the tools they need to do their jobs better and faster and make life easier for our customers. When our personnel know the company understands how important they are, they treat our customers the same way—with the courtesy and attentiveness due the most important people to our business.

At Norwall PowerSystems, there’s always real people right here in our office to give answers and help in any way we can.

Customers think we have all the answers right at our fingertips and we do. It’s right there on one of our monitors.


As a company, Norwall PowerSystems has come a long way over the last 20 years and we’re looking forward to the next 20 with a wide range of trusted, brand-name products that we deliver all over the continental United States from multiple warehouses in strategic locations. Need help? We’re just a phone call away. Call Us Toll-Free at 855-453-4494 from Mon-Fri 6am to 4pm and Saturday's 7am to 3pm Arizona time.