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The Champion 22kW aXis Home Generator with 200-Amp Whole House Automatic Transfer Switch Keeps the Power on During Outages Lasting Hours or Even Weeks Without Refueling.

The Power of Champion Generators

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Champion Power Equipment, a leader in home standby generators and portable generators, provides dependable power products designed in the U.S.A. with more than 2.5 million generators sold in America.

Since  2018, Consumer Reports has rated Champion Standby Generators as “Recommended." The Champion 8.5kW Home Backup Generator earned their “Best Buy” for the money rating in 2018 and 2019 based on performance and power delivery. It received an “Excellent” rating in power quality and power delivery tests. No surprise after earning a reputation for designing the finest, most durable power equipment in their U.S. and Canadian facilities. In 2023, the overall scores for Champion Standby Generators reviewed by Consumer Reports was 93 and 92. No other manufacturer achieved a score greater than 92.

Champion's Legendary Customer Service

Certified Champion Power Equipment technicians staff North American support centers for unparalleled service and 100 percent customer satisfaction. A state-of-the-art product development facility in Milwaukee, Wisconsin utilizes the industry’s most talented and experienced engineering minds to design, develop, and improve new and existing power technologies for the most durable and dependable generators sold in the United States. 

Champion Home Backup Generators run automatically when the power goes out. Permanently connected to your home’s electrical system and propane or natural gas line, they sense an outage the moment it happens. Within moments, the generator starts and begins supplying power to the home in just a few seconds. Capacities range from 8.5kW models that power a few critical circuits to 14kW and 12kW with a whole house automatic transfer switch. 

Important and innovative Champion Home Backup Features include Intelligent Demand Control. IDC monitors power use and disables predetermined low priority circuits while heavy loads such as air conditioning start, then restores power when the load decreases. Another best-in-class feature, the 24-volt starting system, ensures fast, reliable starts in virtually any weather. 

Champion Portable Generators lead the way with innovative technology that includes portable inverter generators, models with remote start, and dual-fuel engines that run on gasoline or propane for maximum flexibility. Inverters offer up to 3100 watts of continuous power or 6200 watts with a second generator and a parallel kit. Norwall offers other Champion Portables from 1200 watts to 8000 watts including dual-fuel, mobility kits, and electric start models. 

Portables feature long run times and noise levels from 59dB(A) for Inverter Generators and 65 to 74 dB(A) for other portables that put them among the quietest in their class. Comparable models at other manufacturers run at up 85 decibels. All models are EPA/CARB approved for all 50 states and include a 2-year limited consumer warranty. 


A Champion Inverter Generator on a Driveway with an extension cord to the house. A stormy sky in the background over the house, the lights are on, thanks to the generator.
This 7000 Watt Champion Inverter Generator Provides Backup Power During an Outage after a Storm