Power for the great outdoors. A Recreational Generator sets up fast and powers everything from music to lights to the game on television. Super Quiet Inverters and Standard Portables.

Recreational Generator

The recreational generator can power all your outdoor fun from lights around a bonfire, the music playing, and even a small electric heater or two. Fuel efficient inverter models do double duty for camping and RVing—the latter have plenty of power to run two or three air conditioners. Need more power? Add a second generator to run parallel for double the output.

Inverter portable recreational generators have noise levels starting at 52 dBA. That’s similar to a normal conversation from a few feet away. For larger outings, regular portables fill in gaps with more power and more receptacles for maximum flexibility. Choose dual fuel options and run on propane—easier to transport and it won’t go bad in storage.

Portable Recreational Generator

The portable recreational generator goes anywhere without a struggle. Small, lightweight models weighing less than 50 pounds carry easily, even with a full tank of gas. Step up to the next power level and the generator rolls easily over rough terrain on never-flat wheels and a convenient telescoping handle.

Larger recreational generators come with wheel kits and folding handles. Most run on gasoline, some models can use either gasoline or LP Propane. Whatever your need or wherever you are going, there’s a recreational generator to bring power where you need it.

Recreational Generators

Make a picnic in the park. Bring the crock pot with sloppy Joes or nacho cheese. Set up the television, add some heat on cold days, or maybe even plug in your portable refrigerator. Whatever the fun, adding power from recreational generators makes it more fun and more convenient.

Mosquitoes? The new mosquito traps work wonders by capturing the little bugs in a bag. And they can run from a small portable recreational generator. There are so many uses, your imagination is your only limit.

Recreational Generators: Cost Effective, Fuel Efficient, Fun for Everyone.

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Featured Recreational Generators at Norwall

These are some of the most popular recreational generator models at Norwall.

Cummins 2500 Watt Digital Inverter

CARB/EPA/USFS Compliant–Ultra Quiet 52 dBA–48 pounds–Built-In Carry Handle

Briggs and Stratton P3000 PowerSmart

2600 Watt Inverter–Easy to Move Anywhere–Safe for Electronics–10-Hour Run

Generac GP3300i Inverter Generator

2500 Running Watts–Low Oil Shutdown–60 pounds empty–Parallel Kit Ready

DuroStar 4500 Watt Generator

Dual Fuel Engine runs on LP or Gas–Full Featured Panel–Full 129-Volt power MX2

Cummins 4500 Watt Digital Inverter

Remote Start–52 dBA noise–18-hour run time–telescoping handle + heavy duty wheels