Cummins Quiet Connect Features and Benefits

Written By: MJ Logan

Cummins Power Generation- A World Class Manufacturer

Cummins Quiet Connect Home Standby Generator for Power You can Rely Upon.

Cummins is a world-renowned leader of the most powerful and reliable diesel engines found in semi-tractors, transit buses, emergency vehicles, RVs and RV generators, and much more. They supply generators for critical facilities such as hospitals, fire stations, data centers, 911 centers and even sports arenas.

They build the same power and reliability into every home standby generator. Enjoy comfort and peace of mind knowing that the most trusted name in backup and standby power keeps your home supplied with electricity during power outages, no matter how long or short.

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Cummins Power Generation Quiet Connect Series

The Quiet Connect Series Air-Cooled Home Standby Generators include 13, 17, and 20-kilowatt models to fit most modern mid-sized or large homes with engines built by the world leader in engine design and manufacturing.

Quiet Connect Generators provide the safety and security of automatic standby electrical power anytime the power goes out whether it is just for a few minutes, a few hours, or days that turn into weeks or longer.

Cummins Quiet Connect Home Standby Generators

Quiet Connect Features

Cummins Quiet Connect Series Air-Cooled Home Standby

Quiet Connect Air-Cooled Home Standby Generators operate down to 0o F out of the box. Cold weather accessories allow for much colder operation in extreme climates.

Tested and Certified to comply with the latest EPA, UL, and CSA standards. Meets National Fire Protection Association 37 for 18-inch to building installation.

Fully automatic operation. The Quiet Connect standby generator starts and runs the moment it detects a power outage and switches the home onto generator power within seconds after the interruption occurs. It all happens automatically, and it does not matter if you are at home, at work, or away on a family vacation. Your home stays safe and secure with a reliable source of emergency standby power.

Quiet Operation at 65 dB means you can stand 20 feet away and have a conversation without having to shout. It won’t bother your neighbors because it is quieter than their central air conditioner unit.

Need to Know: Standby Generator Registration and Warranty

Powerful motor starting ability. Can start and run a 5-ton central air conditioner while accepting a full load during utility to generator transition.

All Quiet Connect generators include remote monitoring on tablets, smartphones, laptops, and desktop computers. Monitor the generator, change exercise modes, or manually run the generator from inside the house or anywhere in the world with access to the internet.

Cummins Patented “Crank Only” exercise mode runs diagnostics without starting the engine. It turns the generator without starting it to reduce noise and engine wear and save fuel. The schedule is flexible so the homeowner can choose the dates, times and how often the generator exercises itself.

Intelligent Load Management monitors and controls up to four separate high voltage loads. The generator monitors each load’s power requirement independently and only allows those to run that will not overload the generator.

Utility Grade power you can count on. Clean electrical power for electronics and heavy loads and everything else in your life. Maintains voltage and frequency to within 1.25 percent of standard, even when switching to the household load from the failed utility line.

Air Cooled Home Standby Generators

The Cummins Quiet Connect

Cummins Power Generation builds every Quiet Connect home generator with the same reliability and innovative spirit that goes into every engine and generator from Cummins. They include standard and optional features that make them ideal home standby generators.

The industry’s largest and best trained worldwide distribution and dealer network can service and maintain your generator, supply parts and maintenance supplies, and answer any questions you might have about operation or service schedules.

The Quiet Connect Air-Cooled Series includes four new air-cooled home standby generators for backup power.

RS20AC – 20-kilowatt home standby generator with included 200-Amp, Service Entrance Rated Automatic Transfer Switch.
RS20A – 20-kilowatt home standby generator – requires connection with an automatic transfer switch (sold separately.)
RS17A – 17 kilowatt home standby generator – requires connection with an automatic transfer switch (sold separately.)
RS13A – 13-kilowatt home standby generator – requires connection with an automatic transfer switch (sold separately.)


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