Generac Guardian 24kW Generator Features and Benefits

Written By: MJ Logan

A 24kW Generator in an air-cooled package with power that rivals larger and more expensive liquid-cooled models. The Generac 7210 and 7209 Guardian Generator install in small yards with tight lot lines and commercial spaces just 18-inches from the building.

*The 7210 is a 24kW Generac Generator with an Automatic Transfer Switch. The 24kW Generac Guardian 7209 is sold without an automatic transfer switch.

How to Move a Generac Standby Generator

Generator Cart—Use a Generator Transport Cart

Generac Generators

Generac has more than 60 years of experience designing and building generators. Thirty years ago, they created the home standby industry with the first generators for home backup power. Over 2 million homeowners found peace of mind with a Generac Home Standby Generator.

Today, Generac continues their spirit of innovation with the 24kW Generac Guardian, the most powerful air-cooled home standby generator on the market. The 24kW has features and benefits for reliability, peace of mind, and ease of installation to save homeowners installation cost. And the 24kW Generator can supply a business operation with backup power during an outage. With a PWRview automatic transfer switch and the Generac Home Energy Monitoring System, the Generac 24kW could eventually pay for itself in energy savings over the life of the generator.

New Generac 24kW Generator with 200-Amp PWRview ATS

New Generac 7209 24kW Generator

Generac Guardian

Generac Guardian 24kW Generator Model 7209

The Generac Guardian is the nation’s best-selling and most popular home standby generator. Models range from 10kW to 24kW with the new 7210 and 7209 Guardian. Generac bundles some models with an Automatic Transfer Switch in either the 200-Amp Service-Rated Whole-House Switch or a 100-Amp 12-Circuit Load Center ATS for dedicated circuits only.

Benefits like ease of installation that reduce cost and The Generac Promise for reliable and dependable generators families can count on for backup power when they need it. Generac received the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval in 2009 and a Frost and Sullivan Award for the Best Natural Gas Generator Company of the Year in 2014.

Generac Power Systems Generators and Equipment   Generac Guardian Features and Benefits

Generac G-Force 1000 Series Engine

The G-Force is a purpose-built V-twin engine with pressurized lubrication and automatic low-oil shutdown. The 1000 series engine has a displacement of 999ccs. Generac designed the engine for the rigorous demands of an air-cooled standby generator. Design features include cast-iron spiny-lok cylinder heads for durability and rigidity, plateau honed cylinder walls and moly plasma piston rings reduce oil consumption and friction for lower operating temperatures. Engines run cooler and have a longer life. Temperature sensors detect overheating and shut the engine down to prevent damage.

Generac G-Force engines are USA designed and built in in Whitewater, Wisconsin. 

True Power Electrical Technology and Digital Voltage Regulation

Generac Guardian Generators produce clean, utility-grade power with less than 5% total harmonic distortion with superior harmonics and sine wave form. Utility quality power for sensitive electronics or starting heavy-duty motors under load including variable speed HVAC.

State-of-the-art frequency compensated voltage regulation comes standard on all Generac Guardian models including the 24kW Generator. It provides a fast response to the ever-changing load conditions like starting air conditioners with a full base load. Digital voltage regulation maintains the voltage at +/- 1.0 percent.

Mobile Link WiFi Connectivity Included

Generac includes Mobile Link WiFi Free on the 24kW Guardian Generator. With Mobile Link, Homeowners and business owners can monitor generator status from anywhere using their laptop or mobile device. Check the generator operating status. Connect your account with a service dealer for worry-free on-time maintenance. Review the previous month’s activity report. See the battery condition. Access the generator’s complete protection profile with exercise time and total hours.

Mobile Link even gives you current, detailed local weather conditions wherever your generator is installed.

Single Source Service and Customer Care

Generac’s extensive dealer network has parts and technical information on the entire 24kW Generac Generator from engines to electronics.

Get questions answered 24 hours a day, seven days a week from the Wisconsin-based customer care center located just outside Milwaukee, Wisconsin, near the Generac Headquarters. Knowledgeable staff are on hand to answer phones and solve problems every day of the year, all day and all night.

The 24kW Generac Generator is designed and built in the Wisconsin, USA.

PWRview Automatic Transfer Switch with HEMS

24kW Generac Generator with PWRview Automatic Transfer Switch and PWRview Smartphone AppThe PWRview ATS is a 200-Amp Automatic Transfer Switch with a NEMA 3R Indoor / Outdoor rating and a Service-Rated Disconnect. The ATS integrates a PWRview monitor for real-time energy use to help lower the electric bill.

Generac’s Home Energy Monitoring System connects to the PWRview mobile app. The simple, low-cost tool enables the homeowner to adjust and adapt power use to save energy and lower electricity bills.

Included Load Management controls up to four HVAC (24VAC) loads without added hardware. Additional Smart Management Modules extend load management for up to eight additional loads like a water heater, well pump, or other heavy loads.

24kW Fuel Economy

The 24kW Generac Guardian 7209 and 7210 has better fuel economy than the previous 22kW and 20kW Generac Guardian Models while running on natural gas. The 22kW had similar propane use as the 24kW and used more than the 20kW.

Because the electrical load relates directly to  fuel consumption, similar or lower fuel use on higher loads by the 24kW generator means it uses fuel more efficiently than the older 20kw and 22kW models.

At a full load of 24kW, the generator uses 203 cubic feet of natural gas per hour while the 22kW uses 228 cubic feet to produce 22kW. The 20kW would use 204 cubic feet.That's 7 Percent more power using less natural gas than the 22kW, and 14 percent more power than the 20kW on slightly less gas. No other manufacturer comes close to using fuel as efficiently as the Generac 24kW.

24kW Generac Guardian Fuel Economy


Rated Power Output  

NG Fuel Consumption  
(cu ft/hr) @ 50% Load

NG Fuel Consumption 
(cu ft/hr) @ 100% Load

Fuel Efficiency  


Generac Guardian 7209






Generac Guardian 7210






Previous 22kW Model






Previous 20kW Model






Generac 24kW versus Liquid Cooled

Generac rates the 24kW Generator at 21kW on Natural Gas and 24kW on propane. In the past, applications that needed more than 20kW of power required a more expensive liquid-cooled model and additional installation costs.

A comparable liquid-cooled generator could add more than $5500 to the purchase price and another $2500 to installation.

The Generac Guardian has a 50 percent smaller footprint and is 70 percent smaller overall. It also installs just 18 inches from the building where liquid-cooled generators require a five-foot space. The Guardian does not require a poured concrete pad, but the liquid-cooled model, which weighs up to 700 pounds more must sit on a slab.

Guide to Commercial Standby Generators

NEC Required Generator Shutdown Switches

Generac Guardian is the only air-cooled generator on the market that complies with the 2017 changes to NEC article 455.18 with a Generator Shutdown Switch. The 24kW meets requirements set forth in 455.18(B) for a shutdown switch.

NEC 445.18(B) states, “Generators with greater than 15kW rating shall be provided with an additional requirement to shut down the prime mover. This additional shutdown means shall be located outside the equipment room or generator enclosure and shall also meet the requirements of Sec. 445.18(B)(1) and (B)(2).     
~Norwall Blog: NEC Changes Require Generator Shutdown Means

Generac incorporated the engine shutdown feature on all Generac Guardian Generators, including the 24kW. Most manufacturers include it only as an option at additional cost.

24kW Generac Generator

Large Home Powered by a Generac 24kW GeneratorThe 24kW Generac Generator sets the Guardian Series another step above the competition with up to 4kW more power than any competing brand in the air-cooled markets. Competitors may offer comparable liquid cooled models but at a higher price and cost of installation.

Larger homes and small businesses that in the past could not afford the cost of a liquid-cooled model or didn’t have the space can look to the 24kW Generac Guardian Generator for backup power during outages.

Generac Home Generator Models


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