Norwall’s Referral Rebate and Incentive Program

Written By: MJ Logan

A city glows in the twilight with power outages in dark neighborhoods.

We all appreciate good advice, especially when it comes from a trusted family member, friend, or neighbor. When someone else has taken the time to wade through all the options, ruled out all the less-than-reliable sellers and contractors, advice about the best company to do business with is a valuable commodity.

Norwall PowerSystems appreciates our customers, and when you share your experience with a friend, neighbor, or family member and they buy a generator from us, we want to show that appreciation. We offer Current Rebates and Incentives to our valued customers who take the time to refer us to a friend.

While you’re saving money, don’t forget to join the Norwall Club. Log in before you shop our online catalog and receive savings and rewards unavailable to nonmembers. Remember to log in before you shop. You’ll find gift cards from major retailers, quantity discounts, and free promotional items.

Buy a Generator – Refer a Friend - $50.00 Home Depot Gift Cards

Home Depot Gift Card - Store FrontIt’s simple to qualify for this rebate program. Buy any generator—Portable, Standby, RV, or Commercial—and refer a friend. If they buy a generator from us, we will send a $50.00 Home Depot Gift Card to you and another to your friend.

Just fill out the top portion of the Norwall Rebate Form after making your purchase. Give the form to your friend to fill out the bottom portion. Mail the form to Norwall PowerSystems at the address on the form. In eight to ten weeks you will each receive your Home Depot Gift Cards.

We also offer Current Manufacturer Rebates and Incentives which may have specific dates to qualify. Make purchases between the dates and apply before the final deadline to receive your rebate.

Protect Your Neighbor Program from Generac

Refer a Neighbor & You Both Get a $50.00 Rebate. 

Your Generac Fully Automatic Home Standby Generator offers 24/7 assurance that your home is a comfortable and secure haven protected from power outages. You’ve taken the time and made the effort to research and choose a generator for your home. Now that you are protected from power outages, share your knowledge with your friends, family, and neighbors and help them protect their homes and families.

Recommend a Generac Home Backup Generator and when your friends, family, and neighbors purchase a Generac System, you will each receive a check for $50.00.

The Protect Your Neighbor $50/$50 Referral Rebate Program makes it easy to participate. Print out the $50/$50 Referral Rebate Form and fill in your information. Give it to a friend and explain all the benefits of owning and Generac Automatic Home Standby Generator. After they buy their home standby generator, have them complete the form, then visit to file both of your requests. Have a digital copy ready of your proof of purchase.

$50 for You and a Friend Rebate from Cummins

A Cummins Quiet Connect Home Standby Generator Provides Worry Free Backup PowerThank you for your recent purchase of a Cummins Power Generation Home Standby Generator. We hope the process was pleasant and look forward to serving you in the future.

Now that you’ve protected your home from power outages, help your friends and family protect their homes with their own home backup generator. If you refer a friend or family member and they make a purchase through Norwall PowerSystems, you will each receive a $50.00 Gift Card.

Offer Valid with the purchase of a Cummins Air Cooled Home Standby Generator. Purchases must be made on separate accounts.

Fill out the Cummins $50 for You and a Friend Rebate Form and give it to a friend or family member to complete after they make their own purchase. Mail the form to Norwall at the address on the form. You will each receive your $50.00 gift card in 8-10 weeks.

Sound Advice Rebate from Briggs and Stratton

It Pays to Follow Sound Advice. Refer a Friend and You both Get $50.00

Briggs and Stratton is a leading designer and manufacturer of generators and provides permanent backup protection for your home and family from power outages. Our home standby generators are automatic and permanently installed to run on your natural gas or liquid propane fuel source of uninterrupted operation without constant refueling.

Fill out the Sound Advice Rebate Form and give it to a friend. When they hear about your home backup generator that runs automatically in all types of weather, they’ll want to know more. Tell them about the benefits and advantages of owning their own home standby generator.

If your advice leads them to purchase a Briggs and Stratton home standby generator, have them complete the form you gave them and mail it with proof of purchase to the address on the card. You’ll both receive a $50.00 check.

Refer a Friend $100 Rebate—Kohler

A Kohler home standby generator automatically supplies power during an outage.Kohler Power Systems began delivering energy solutions in 1920 with the revolutionary “Kohler Automatic Power & Light” generator for rural farms where electricity was needed, but not available. This amazing generator turned itself on automatically when electricity was needed. In the same spirit of innovation, Kohler offers automatic home standby generators that keep your home and family safe during power outages.

Share the security and convenience of a home backup generator with your friends, neighbors, and family by telling them about your new Kohler generator. If they purchase their own unit, fill out the Kohler Refer a Friend $100.00 Rebate Form and mail it to the address on the form or submit online at Kohler will send you a $100.00 Rebate.

*Kohler's Refer a Friend $100 Rebate Offer is valid from January 15, 2018 to December 31, 2018.


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