10000 Watt

A 10000 Watt Generator has enough power for emergency home backup, contractors, and jobsites with multiple trades. A Large Portable Generator can power remote cabins for the ultimate getaway.

10000 Watt Generator

A 10000 Watt Portable Generator for home backup can power most essentials and a few conveniences. With 10,000 running watts and up to 13,000 starting watts, they can run a small to medium central air conditioner with the right connection and still handle critical appliance loads like a refrigerator and freezer, pumps, and lights.

Running large, hard-wired appliances like central air conditioners, furnaces, and well pumps requires connecting the 10000 watt generator to the house through a manual transfer switch. A generator cord plugs into the generator and the transfer switch inlet box. The circuits controlled by the manual transfer switch will have generator power during an outage.

Large Portable Generator

The running watts, or continuous power capacity, of a Large Portable Generator 10000 Watt ranges from about 9000 to 11000 watts. A running watt rating is the amount of power the generator can supply continuously. Starting watts is a higher number that the generator can supply for a few seconds to start motors. Motors require two to six times the power for a few seconds to start turning.

Starting Watts versus Running Watts is an important distinction. It’s important to understand and just as important to read the generator specifications before purchase. Fuel type is also important on a large, 10000 watt portable generator. Dual Fuel models have a lower power capacity when running on propane. If propane is your primary fuel, you might need the next size generator.

10000 Watt Generators

On job sites with multiple trades working at the same time, 10000 watt generators can run multiple tools and machines. Some examples include table saws, air compressors, circular saws, and corded drills. Battery-powered tools can use one battery while a second and third charge from the generator.

Models will an idle control switch reduce engine speed to save fuel and lower noise at the same time. Large fuel tanks keep the power on all day without interruption for refueling or running out of fuel unexpectedly in the middle of an important cut.

The most popular fuel for a 10 000 Watt Generator is gasoline. A single fill runs the generator all day. Practical use of propane requires a larger tank than the BBQ size available everywhere. Diesel is another option for generators that run long hours.

Featured 10000 Watt Generator Models

A few 10000 Watt Generators for Home Backup or Power on the Job. Dual Fuel Generators run on either propane or gasoline. Browse the full catalog for all Large Portable Generator Models.

10000 Watt Generator power for emergency home backup, contractors, and jobsites with multiple trades. A Large Portable Generator can power remote cabins for the ultimate getaway.

Westinghouse WGen9500DF Dual Fuel Generator Electric Start

9500 Watts/12500 Starting Watts, Runs 17.5 Hours, Transfer Switch Ready Outlets

DuroMax XP13000E Generator Electric Start

Gasoline, Idle Control 10500 Watts/13000 Starting Watts. 8.5 Hour Run

Champion 9200 Watt Generator Electric Start

Gasoline, 11500 Starting Watts, Runs 10 Hours. Transfer Switch Ready Outlets

DuroStar DS12000EH Generator Dual Fuel

9500 Watts/12500 Starting Watts. Runs 8.5 Hours. Idle Control Switch

Kubota 11kW Diesel Generator GL11000

Liquid Cooled Diesel Power, Excellent for big jobs. Forklift ready and single point lift hook.