Best Home Standby Generators for Hot Climates

Written By: MJ Logan

When temperatures climb into triple digits, liquid cooled home standby generators keep you cool.Liquid cooled generators operate more efficiently in hot weather. Their cooling system is similar to that found in cars and trucks. The engine pumps a liquid coolant through the engine to absorb heat and returns it to a radiator. The engine fan blows air through the radiator to cool the liquid inside. Even in hot temperatures of 120 o Fahrenheit and beyond, the system efficiently removes heat from the engine allowing it to run for hours or days as required.

Generators de-rate their power above a certain temperature and altitude. This means a 20-kilowatt standby generator loses 1000 watts of power when temperatures rise above 110 degrees. Altitude causes even more power loss. Standby generators without liquid cooling that run on natural gas usually have a lower power capacity than propane.

An air cooled generator uses a fan to blow air directly over the engine to remove heat. It is a simpler design and efficient in moderate climates, but overheat in hot weather.

A liquid cooled generator provides the same power on natural gas or propane. High altitude, high ambient temperatures, or combinations of those factors can mean a significant power decrease for air cooled units. A higher rated liquid cooled generator won’t lose as much power and can operate just as efficiently on natural gas.

A Liquid-Cooled Whole House Generator Installed Outside a Home

Air-Cooled vs Liquid Cooled Generator—Why it Makes a Difference


Generac Power Systems manufactures their line of Protector and Commercial series liquid-cooled generators. Most homes and small businesses will find plenty of power in the Protector Series with standby generators from 15 to 60 kilowatts. Larger power needs should consider the Commercial Series with units from 70 to 150 kilowatts.

See all Generac Liquid Cooled 15 – 150kW standby generators.

Generac Features


State-of-the-art, power-maximizing regulation provides optimized fast response to changing load conditions and motor starting ability by torque matching surge loads to the engine. Regulates voltage within ± 1 percent.

Generac performs innovative design and prototype testing along with a total commitment to component, environmental, reliability, destruction, and life testing. Products are also tested for CSA, NEMA, EGSA and other standard certifications.

Automatic Transfer Switches by Generac are designed for total system compatibility. A long life and high reliability are features synonymous with Generac Power Systems.

Featured Generac Standby Generators

22kW Generac Protector Series - RG02224A

25kW Generac Protector Series - RG02515ANAX


Kohler liquid cooled standby generators from 24 to 150 kilowatts will power large homes and small to mid-sized businesses with ease.

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Kohler Features


Kohler designs their generators for exceptionally high-power quality that features advanced voltage and frequency regulation along with ultra-low harmonic distortion. Power meets or exceeds electric utility standards for your most sensitive electronics while supplying large air conditioners and furnaces.

Incredibly quiet, Kohler featured generators allow normal conversation from just feet away. Their extraordinary reliability and performance are backed by a five-year, 2000-hour limited warranty.

Featured Kohler Standby Generators

24kW Kohler Liquid Cooled - 24RCL

30kW Kohler Liquid Cooled - 30RCL


The world leader in diesel engine manufacturing brings engine and design expertise to their line of 22 to 75 kilowatt liquid cooled standby generators. Power Connect, Power Quiet Connect, and Cummins Onan Commercial standby generators allow homeowners and businesses to choose a model that best fits their needs.

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Cummins Features

Cummins PowerConnect RX-Series Generators from 30kW to 50kW

A robust design allows the generator to operate under extreme environmental conditions including cold weather starts down to -40 oF or high temperatures up to 122 oF.

The flexible exercise mode adjusts to the customer’s preference for time, duration, and frequency to reduce emissions, noise, and fuel consumption. Exercise intervals as low as once every six months for just two minutes.

Quiet Connect Advanced enclosure design delivers an extremely quiet generator Power Quiet Connect at 64dB(A). Withstands 180 MPH winds. Removable Panels and doors for service and maintenance.

Featured Cummins Standby Generators

22kW Cummins Power Quiet Standby - RS22

30kW Cummins Power Connect - RX30

Briggs and Stratton

A world-renowned small engine manufacturer, Briggs and Stratton matches their design and manufacturing expertise to standby generator manufacturing. Their 25 to 60 kilowatt liquid-cooled generators will supply medium-sized to luxury homes with enough power for all the necessities and comforts of home.

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Affordable Whole House Power with Symphony II Power Management that controls up to eight high-wattage appliances based specific power needs. Power distribution from the generator to those appliances is managed automatically to prevent generator overloading.

Quick response to power outages—the generator monitors the utility supply 24/7 and responds the moment power is interrupted. Within seconds after the outage occurs, the standby generator system restores power for air conditioners, furnaces, hot water, and all your lighting and appliance needs.

Sleek and durable charcoal-gray steel enclosure blends into its surroundings while the galvanized steel—used extensively by the automotive industry—lasts for years without corroding. Sound level at full load is about the same as a typical central air conditioning unit at 70dB(A).

Featured Briggs and Stratton Standby Generators

25kW Briggs and Stratton Home Standby Generator - 76180

48 kW Briggs and Stratton Home Standby Generator - 76150


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