Champion Home Backup Generator Features and Benefits

Written By: MJ Logan

Champion Home Standby Powers of a Home During an Outage
Champion Standby Generators Run Automatically During an Outage

Designed in the United States for American family homes, Champion Home Backup Generators work automatically the moment power fails to keep electricity flowing to important circuits.

The Champion Standby Ranked Best Buy in Home Standby Generator Reviews - Consumer Reports.

Champion builds Home Backup Generators to exacting standards for American families and the unique requirements of a home generator whether located in suburban neighborhoods, cities, and towns or country living. Designed for residential installations, they are quiet and reliable with a best-in-class 24-volt starting system that ensures dependable starting in all types of weather, all year long.

Champion Backup Generator and CabinHome Standby Models

100174 - 8.5-Kilowatt Standby with 50-Amp 8-Circuit Automatic Transfer Switch

100291 - 12.5-Kilowatt Standby with 200-Amp SE-Rated Automatic Transfer Switch

100294 - 14-Kilowatt Standby with 200-Amp SE-Rated Automatic Transfer Switch

How to Pick the Best Home Standby Generator

Champion Home Standby Benefits

Champion Home Standby Generator Outside Large Home

Champion Home Standby Generators restore security and convenience, ensure a healthy living environment, and provide a greater measure of safety during a power outage not found in a home without a generator. Moments after the power goes out, the Champion home standby turns on and restores power to the home—automatically.

No more hunting for flashlights and candles in the dark. Forget about setting up a portable generator in the dark or when it’s raining or sleeting No need to run extension cords or refuel every few hours. Don’t worry about where you will find fuel when the limited stored supply runs out.

A Champion home standby generator can run all your home’s necessities and conveniences including major appliances, furnace and air conditioning, security systems, lighting, and even your home business.

Consumer Reports Generators – Champion Best Buy

Outstanding Feature—Intelligent Demand Control

Champion Whole House Automatic Transfer Switch with Intelligent Demand ControlThe Intelligent Demand Control Load Management feature found in Champion whole-house automatic transfer switches does more than supply power to your home’s essential circuits. Demand Control divides the home’s electrical system into prioritized zones and monitors the power requirements of each zone in real time.

If a load such as central air conditioning requires more power to start than is currently available, Demand Control manages the power in a low priority zone to free up enough power for the load requesting power to start. Once the load starts and its demand returns to normal, Demand Control returns power the lower priority circuits to operate alongside the load that needed extra power to start.

Intelligent Demand Control is a departure from load management systems found in other automatic transfer switches that only shed high voltage loads until the power to start them becomes available.

Buyer Guide: Automatic Transfer Switches

Champion Home Standby Features

  • Standard Requirements

A bright lightbulb surrounded by dark light bulbsChampion Standby Generators meet Environmental Protection Agency and California Air Resource Board Requirements. Underwriter Labs UL2000 and CSA C22.2 Certifications for the USA and Canada.

  • Dependable Engines = Reliable Backup Power

Dependable starts and extended run times begin with features like an air-cooled Milwaukee Series Overhead Valve four-stroke commercial engine with pressurized lubrication and automotive-type spin-on oil filter. Add a 24-volt starting system—the best in its class—for reliable starts in any weather. Sensors protect against engine damage for low oil, over-crank, and over-speed conditions. The installer can configure the engine to run on either LP Gas or NG gas.

  • Excellent Power Delivery and Quality

Power capacity ranges from 8.5 Kilowatts to 14 Kilowatts of utility-grade power that keeps up with changing load conditions. In their standby generator reviews, Consumer Reports found that the Champion delivered steady, reliable power and rated an excellent on their power delivery and quality tests. Key to any standby generator system is the ability to start and run heavy loads including central air conditioners. All the Champion Standby models can power air conditioners or a gas-fueled furnace.

Need to Know: Standby Generator Registration and Warranty

  • All Weather Operation

A Home Powered by a Champion Standby Generatir During a Power OutageAn all-weather steel cabinet permits operation in virtually any weather from snow and rain to the extreme winds of a hurricane or tropical storm. The gull-wing enclosure design makes installation, maintenance, and service easy. Champion includes a composite mounting pad to minimize site preparation. The permanent connection to your home prevents theft and eliminates the hassle of setting up a portable.

  • Quiet Residential Neighborhood Operation

At just 59 to 63 decibels, Champion Home Standby Generators rate among the quietest on the market. Some air-cooled home backup generators produce up to 73 dB of noise. It’s easy to enjoy the comfort provided by a Champion Home Backup Generator because the noise won’t keep you awake and the neighbors won’t complain.

  • Reliability

Champion provides a 10-year limited warranty on Standby Generators, longer than any other manufacturer’s standard warranty along with industry-leading customer support. Champion standby owners have peace of mind knowing that if the utility power goes out, their Champion Backup Generator will keep the power on for as long as necessary.

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