DuroMax Generators: Powering Everyone–Anywhere

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DuroMax: Powerful Electric Generators for Home—Work—Recreation

DuroMax and DuroStar Generators offer dependable power whenever and however you need it. Comfort, Safety, Work, or Play. Electric Power for every-day life whether you’re at home, on the job, or out in the middle of nowhere. Choose from three configurations to fit your needs and lifestyle. Regardless of which configuration works best for you, you’ll find these essential features on every DuroMax or DuroStar Generator.

  • Electric Start with Recoil Start BackupDuroMax XP15000EH Features
  • Standard 120-Volt 20-Amp GFCI Household Outlets
  • 30-Amp and 50-Amp Receptacles for RVs and Transfer Switches
  • Long run-times on gasoline with the built-in fuel tank
  • Recommended propane tank sizes to keep you going all day
  • Powerful DuroMax OHV Engines with Low Oil Shutdown
  • EPA and CARB Emissions for all 50 States.
  • DuroMax 3-Year Warranty*

DuroMax Generators Information

Electric Start “E” Models

DuroMax Electric Start Generator Control Panel on a XP10000E Gasoline Generator

Each DuroMax and DuroStar Generator comes equipped with Electric Start. Recoil backup is always an option. All generators include the 12-volt starter battery. Some models have the standard electric starter. Standard electric starters have a three-position switch with Off, Run, and Start. Move or turn the switch from the Off Position and hold it in the Start Position until the generator starts. Release the switch and it returns to the Run position.

Duromax Generators equipped with electronic features may include pushbutton start. Turn the battery switch to On. Push the button. The generator operates the starter automatically to start.

Recoil Starting follows the same startup procedures as electric start. Move the generator start switch or battery switch to On. Pull the handle slowly until you feel resistance, usually within the first inch or two. Pull quickly to the end of the cord to start the engine.

Always return the handle to the retracted position before releasing it.

Read the starting procedure in the owner manual for specific steps to follow for your generator model.

DuroMax 12000 Watt Generator Max 15000 Watt Generator Electric Start XP15000E
DuroMax 12000 Watt Generator XP15000E 

Featured DuroMax Electric Start Generators

DuroMax XP8500E 7000 Watt / Max 8500 Watt Generator

DuroMax XP12000E 9500 Watt Generator

DuroMax XP13000E 10500 Watt / Max 13000 Watt Generator

DuroMax 12000 Watt / 15000 Max Watt Generator


Dual Fuel Hybrid “EH” Models

DuroMax XP12000EH Dual Fuel Generator with 40-Pound Propane Tank in a Home Backup Application

Dual Fuel Generators operate on either Propane or Gasoline for greater flexibility. Propane has advantages over gasoline. It is easy to transport without spilling or noxious fumes filling your vehicle. It stores for long periods without deteriorating. It’s commonly available in twenty-pound tanks and larger tanks are available. Using propane reduces emissions, making it a greener and less carbon polluting option.

DuroMax Dual Fuel Max 13000 Watt Generator XP13000EHGasoline is readily available throughout the country. It’s easy to get and convenient. If you need gas for a generator other engine, take your gas cans to the gas station and fill them up. Gasoline provides more energy than propane. A dual fuel generator running on gasoline can provide more power than running on propane.

Dual Fuel generators have a different power capacity in amps and watts for gasoline and propane. If you intend to purchase a dual fuel generator for use primarily with propane, check the propane power capacity in addition to the gasoline power capacity.

Featured Duel Fuel DuroMax Generators

DuroMax XP11500EH 9000 Watt Generator

DuroMax XP12000EH 9500 Watt Generator

CO Alert Carbon Monoxide Protection “HX” Models

DuroMax Generator with CO Alert Automatic Carbon Monoxide Detection and Shutdown XP12000HX

Generators equipped with CO Alert detect carbon monoxide concentrations that exceed safe limits and shut the generator down.

Carbon Monoxide or “CO” is a colorless, odorless gas that causes carbon monoxide poisoning. It is present in the exhaust gases of all internal combustion engines including generators. Appliances that burn fossil fuels including natural gas and propane also produce carbon monoxide.

Carbon Monoxide poisoning can result in serious illness, permanent brain and organ damage, and death. Operating an internal combustion engine indoors can raise levels of CO high enough to cause death in just minutes.

Portable Generator Safety Rules to Live By

A generator equipped with CO Alert is NOT safe to operate indoors.

A generator equipped with CO Alert cannot detect carbon monoxide inside your home. Install a carbon monoxide detector on each level of your home. Basement, First and Second Floor, and Attic.

Open windows, fans, even an open garage door do not provide adequate ventilation to make operation indoors safe.

Never operate a generator indoors. Always operate portable generators, including those equipped with CO Alert, at least 10 to 20 feet away from the home in a non-confined space. Do not operate the generator in garages, sheds, or any building.

Perfect for Home Backup DuroMax Family & Home with XP10000HX CO Alert Generator featuring Transfer Switch Ready, runs HVAC, Push Button Start, 50 amp 30 Amp 240 Volt OutletsFeatured CO Alert Generators

DuroMax 4850 Generator XP4850HX 3800 Watt

DuroMax XP5500HX 4500 Watt Generator

DuroMax XP10000HX 8000 Watt Generator

DuroMax XP12000HX 9500 Watt / Max 12000 Watt Generator


Camping, Recreation & RV Generators

DuroMax RV Ready XP5250EH Generator Collage with Panel and Fuel Tanks for Propane or Gasoline

The popularity of Recreational Vehicles has grown in the last decade. RVs are the home away from home you can take anywhere from RV parks to remote campsites or sometimes, the big box store parking lot. Most RV parks have shore power connections, but for those times when you’re getting away from it all, the RV Ready Generator supplies power for house batteries, air conditioners, and appliances.

Most RVs have a 120-Volt 30 Amp or 120-Volt 50 Amp shore power connection. RV Ready DuroMax Generator models come with the MX2 switch for full power at 120-Volts. Average operating volume is approximate 68 dBA at 21 feet. An inexpensive adapter cord converts the 120-Volt Twist lock receptacle to a 120-Volt TT-30R or 120-Volt 14-50 Amp Receptacle

Duromax 4500 Watt Generator 5500 Watt Max with CO Alert Shutdown. RV and Home Backup Ready.Featured DuroMax RV Generators

DuroMax XP4850EH 3850 Watt Generator

DuroMax XP5500EH 4500 Watt Generator

DuroMax XP8500EH 7000 Watt Gas / Propane Generator

Home Backup Generators

Duromax 12000 Watt / 15000 Watt Generator Backs up Power to Home with Swimming Pool and Patio in a Power Outage XP15000E

Weather events including hurricanes along the coasts or a grid failure like the one during Winter Storm Uri can have devastating effects on people. In the West, the threat of wildfires has California Utility Pacific Gas & Electric instituting blackouts when high winds threaten because their aging distribution equipment is prone to starting wildfires. In one event, PG&E shut down power to more than 750,000 utility customers affecting up to 2.5 million people.

Use a Portable Generator in a Power Outage

DuroMax XP10000EH Max 10000 Watt | 8000 Watt Generator Dual FuelWith a DuroMax or DuroStar Generator, homeowners can keep the power on to refrigerators and freezers, an air conditioner, and pumps, and lights plus some conveniences. With a DuroStar Dual Fuel XP15000EH 12000 watt generator capable of a 15000 watt surge, even larger homes can keep all their essential circuits powered up and operating. The safest, easiest, and fastest connection is a manual transfer switch wired to power your most critical circuits.

Featured DuroMax Home Backup Generators

DuroMax XP8500EH 7000 Watt / Max 8500 Watt Generator

DuroMax XP10000EH 8000 Watt Generator

DuroMax XP13000EH 10500 Watt Generator


Job Site Generators

DuroMax Generator Duel Fuel Model at a Contractor Job Site with Propane Tank and Carpenter with Circular Saw XP13000EH

Contractors with their own source of power have an edge. They aren’t reliant on power from a customer or utility. Remote job sites are no problem. Start the generator. Plug in tools. Go. A good generator can supply power for air compressors and table saws or hand tools like circular saws, electric drills, and even power the job site radio or lights after dark.

With features like idle control to save fuel and cut noise, DuroMax generators keep the site going and the job gets done on time. Smaller crew? Check out the XP10000E 8000 Running Watt Generator. Bigger tools or more workers means more power The DuroMax XP15000E 12000 Running Watt Generator keeps everyone working.

Job Site Ready DuroMax 12000 Watt Generator Electric Start XP15000EDuroMax 8000 Watt Generator for Job Sites XP10000E


DuroStar DS13000EH 10500 Watts / Max 13000 Watt Generator Dual Fuel Electric Start Shown with LP Tank next to arbor vitae hedge

DuroStar, sister company to manufacturer DuroMax, features the same solid construction and features as the DuroMax product line with Gasoline and Dual Fuel Models ranging from 3850 Watt Generators to 10500 Watt Generators.

DuroStar Gasoline Generators with Electric Start

DuroStar DS10000E 8000 Running Watts Generator

DuroStar DS13000E 10500 Running Watts Generator

Featured DuroStar Dual Fuel LP / Gasoline Generators with Electric Start

DuroStar DS4850EH 3850 Running Watts

DuroStar DS5500EH 4500 Running Watts Generator

DuroStar DS10000EH 8000 Running Watt Generator

DuroStar DS12000EH 9500 Running Watts Generator

DuroStar DS13000EH 10500 Running Watts Generator


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