Standby Generator Packages with Power Management Options

Written By: MJ Logan

Home with Power Supplied By Briggs and Stratton Generator During an Outage

Power Management options make the most efficient use of a standby generator system.

Without Power Management, two heavy loads that run at the same time and overload the generator will trip the generator’s main breaker and leave the entire house without power until someone manually resets the breaker.

Power management eliminates this problem. If Load A is already running and Load B tries to start, but would overload the generator, starting is delayed until Load A finishes. This allows two high priority loads such as central air conditioners to operate alternately and still keep the house cool.

Utilizing power management saves money two ways. The initial generator purchase cost is lower. The operating costs are much lower than a larger, liquid-cooled generator without power management that requires more fuel and more expensive maintenance.

Power Management is usually the function of the Automatic Transfer Switch since it is the switch and not the generator that distributes power throughout the house. With Power Management, a generator can supply an entire home and many homeowners won’t even notice the difference that their power is managed efficiently and without interrupting their daily routines.

The Best Air-Cooled Standby Generators with Power Management


Nationwide Best Seller - 22kW Guardian 7043 Home Backup Generator Includes 200-Amp SE-Rated Whole House ATS

22-Kilowatt Generac Guardian 70432

Generac 22-Kilowatt 7043 Home Backup Generator with 200-Amp ATSGenerac 70432 Highlighted Features

  • Largest Air-Cooled Standby Generator Available
  • Lowest Cost per Kilowatt
  • Service Rated Switch Supplies the Entire Home
  • Power Management for up to Eight 50-amp loads
  • NFPA Certified for installation 18 inches from home.
  • True Power Technology for clean, trouble free power
  • 5-year limited consumer warranty.

Generac Guardian Featured Models with Power Management

Generac 14kW | 7175


Kohler 20kW | 20RESC

Home Standby Generator with SE Rated ATS Home Backup Generator 20RESCL-200SELS Includes 200-Amp ATS with Power Management

Kohler 20-Kilowatt RESCL with 200-Amp ATSKohler 20RESC Highlighted Features

  • Advanced Voltage and Frequency Regulation for Ultra Clean Power
  • Power Boost Technology Reliably Starts Heavy Loads
  • Quiet Neighborhood Friendly Operation
  • Power Management Load Shed Kit controls 2 A/C units.
  • 5-Year 2000-hour Limited Consumer Warranty

Kohler Highlighted Model

Kohler 14kW | 14RESAL


Cummins 20kW Quiet Connect | RS20AC

RS20AC Home Backup Generator Includes 200-Amp SE Rated ATS with Power Management

20kW Cummins Quiet Connect RS20AC Home Backup GeneratorCummins RS20AC Highlighted Features

  • Very Quiet Operation
  • Includes Cold Weather Kit for -20 F Operation
  • Automatic Load Management for Maximum Power Utilization
  • Remote Internet Monitoring and Email Notification
  • Included In-home Remote Display Monitor
  • Polymere Pad and 50-foot Wiring Harnesses Simplify Installation

Cummins Quiet Connect Highlighted Models

Cummins 17kW with 200-Amp ATS | RS17A-NP2

Cummins 17kW Quiet Connect | RS17A - ATS P/N A045P697 Sold Separately

Cummins 13kW with 200-Amp ATS | RS13A-NP2

Cummins 13kW Quiet Connect | RS13A - ATS P/N A045P697 Sold Separately

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Briggs & Stratton

20kW Briggs and Stratton 40584

Home Backup Generator Includes 200-Amp SE-Rated ATS with Symphony II Power Management

20kW Briggs and Stratton 40584 Home Standby GeneratorBriggs and Stratton 40584 Highlighted Features

  • World Renowned Commercial Grade Vanguard Engine
  • Symphony II Power Management Automatically Balances Electrical Loads
  • NFPA Certified for 18-inch to home Installation
  • Advanced Voltage and Frequency Regulation for Utility Grade Power
  • Quiet Operation Equivalent to Central Air Conditioners

Briggs and Stratton Highlighted Models

Briggs and Stratton 17kW Generator with 200A ATS | 40630

Briggs and Stratton 12kW Generator with 200A ATS | 40626

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Updated February 5/ 2020 


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