Get automatic backup power from an LP Generator or Propane Standby Generator for Home or Business. The propane backup generator starts moments after the outage occurs and restores power within seconds.

LP Generator

An LP Generator for home backup power brings security and peace of mind whenever the power goes out. Businesses benefit by staying open during an outage and serving customers who might go somewhere else. Manufacturing facilities and offices continue working as normal. Farming operations continue through the power outage.

LP Gas, or Propane, is a widely available and relatively inexpensive fuel used for heating, cooking, and the internal combustion motor of an LP Generator. An LP Generator or Propane Generator for Home or business can restore the most important essential circuits or the entire home or commercial operation.

Propane Backup Generator

Propane Generators for Home supply backup power during an outage. The automatic LP Generator starts when the outage hits and restores power to the home seconds later. The generator connects to the house through an automatic transfer switch for a safe and reliable connection that safeguards the house and generator when the utility restores power. During the outage, it prevents the generator from feeding the utility lines which could endanger neighbors or utility workers.

Most manufacturers design the propane standby generator to run on either natural gas or LP gas. The installer selects LP Propane during installation and makes the connection to the homeowner’s LP tank. With the correct size tank, a propane house generator can run for days, a week, or even longer without refueling. Norwall stocks 1000s of LP Generator models for Sale across the United States.

Whole House Propane Generator

A Whole House Propane Generator restores power to the entire home or business. The automatic transfer switch installs between the utility company electric meter and the home’s main circuit panel. When the power goes out, the transfer switch disconnects the utility and connects the generator to supply power to the entire circuit breaker panel, just like the utility.

A Propane Whole House Generator matches the electrical requirements of the home. A small house without a central air conditioner or other heavy load won’t need as much power as a large home with two or three air conditioners. The LP Generator works with an automatic transfer switch that matches the home’s main circuit breaker.

Propane Generators for Home or Business

An LP Generator provides safe and reliable electric power during an outage. They work automatically without intervention and connect permanently to the home or business. Norwall is the online LP Generator superstore and stocks its warehouses across the country with thousands of propane generators for home so you can buy direct and save more with free shipping.  Call Norwall PowerSystems today and learn how a Propane Home Generator gives you peace of mind with reliable, worry-free electric power.