Kohler Home Backup Generator Features and Benefits

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High Quality Power – Extraordinary Reliability – Powerful Performance

Kohler Standby Generator with Automatic Transfer Switch

Kohler manufactures home backup generators with the same innovative spirit that first supplied Automatic Power & Light Generators to rural homes and farms in the 1920s. Today, Kohler Home Backup Generators keep families safe and secure while protecting homes and property with reliable backup power you can count on.

Kohler Power Systems engineers and builds home standby generators to provide high quality power, extraordinary reliability, and powerful performance. Count on a Kohler Generator to supply your home with power for the duration of any outage.

The Kohler Advantage

  • High Quality Power: Advanced voltage and frequency regulation coupled with ultra-low harmonic distortion result in excellent power quality for sensitive electronics and demanding loads.
  • Extraordinary Reliability: Kohler’s Generators are well known for their extraordinary reliability and performance and they back that promise with a 5-Year, 2000-hour warranty.
  • Powerful Performance: Powerboost™ Technology provides the additional power required for starting heavy motors such as air conditioners while operating under load.

Need to Know: Standby Generator Registration and Warranty

Kohler Liquid Cooled Installed at a Large Home

Popular Models

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Kohler Home Backup Generators

ISO9001 - Green Builder Award 2010 - Most Valuable Product Award 2010 - Architectural Record Product Reports 2011Kohler designs home backup generators for easy installation. It starts with an included polymer base that eliminates the need for a concrete pad which decreases installation time and reduces installation costs. No stub-ups required for fuel and electrical connections. Wiring and fuel lines enter through the cabinet enclosure and a load connection terminal block simplifies field wiring. The locking, hinged roof makes access easy and prevents unauthorized access.

Standby generators by Kohler meet emission regulations set forth by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the California Air Resource Board (CARB) for both LPG (Propane) and NG (Natural Gas) operation. UL2200/cUL listed and approved for stationary standby applications with a reliable utility supply as the primary source of power.

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Kohler Home Backup Features

Kohler Home Standby Generator

  • Kohler utilizes a skewed, rotating field alternator for exceptional power quality that minimizes harmonic distortion and responds to changing loads. No-load to full-load transition results in less than 5% distortion and a superior voltage waveform.
  • The digital voltage regulator maintains the voltage level to within 1 percent. The electronic governor provides steady state frequency regulation within 0.5 percent and isochronous no-load to full-load transition (no droop).
  • Coupled with an automatic transfer switch (ATS) the Kohler Home Backup Generator is a fully automatic, permanently installed appliance. It immediately senses a power outage and starts within seconds. Moments after that, the ATS switches the home onto generator power. The generator can run for days or weeks until the utility restores power.
  • Kohler’s Command Pro Engine is an air-cooled V-twin, overhead valve engine with hydraulic lifters that eliminate the need for regular valve adjustment or a break-in period. It easily converts between natural gas and propane at the time of installation. The Command Pro features a fully pressurized lubrication system and integrated cooling unit for extended run times.
  • Installation requirements make the generator ideal for residential neighborhoods. A corrosion proof cabinet with a sleek, contoured shape easily fits into your home’s landscaping and installs as close as 18 inches from your home. Quiet operation with noise levels similar to a central air conditioner won’t disturb your neighbors.
  • Kohler Home Backup Generators use the DC2 digital controller with LED indicators, an LCD display, and four-button user interface. An included ethernet port allows connection to the optional On Cue software for remote monitoring and generator control.

Kohler Liquid-Cooled Backup Generators

Kohler Message

A Home Powered by a Kohler Generator After a Thunderstorm
Which home is yours, the one with a Kohler Backup Generator or one of those left in the dark?

Following an extensive design process that tests every aspect the design before production, Kohler Power Systems tests every home generator before it leaves the factory for total reliability. Inside the home backup generator is a commercial-grade engine built for years of extreme workloads like those on jobsites using heavy duty construction equipment.

In just 10 seconds after a power outage occurs, Kohler home backup generators have your lights and major appliances including the fridge, air conditioning and heating, sump pump, and even the oven supplied with power and operating throughout the outage. That’s everything—your entire home.

Kohler backs their home generators with a premium warranty that protects your investment for 5 years / 2000 hours.

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