Cummins Power Command Fault Codes for HMI211

Written By: MJ Logan

Cummins Power Command Remote Control Panel HMI-211 with LED indicators, LCD Display, and keypad.

Cummins Power Command HMI-211 Remote Generator Panel

The Cummins Power Command HMI211 Remote Generator Controller is a remote generator control panel with similar functionality as the standard generator mounted HMI211 controller. The Human Machine Interface (HMI211) with the multi-line LCD display and tactile function keys mounts inside the home or building up to 4000 feet (3/4 Mile) from the generator set. The Controller is compatible with Cummins Quiet Connect Series generators.

PCC 1302 Fault Code—The Cummins HMI211 connects to the generator PCC 1302 control board and displays fault codes. Some fault codes are warnings, others cause the generator to shutdown or prevent it from starting.

When the generator experiences a fault, the displayed error code provides insight to the problem for troubleshooting or relaying information to the service dealer. Most fault codes are generated by the Cummins PCC 1302 Controller or by the Engine Control Module (ECM.)

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Engine Won’t Start or Difficult to Start

A difficult to start engine often indicates a problem that gradually gets worse over time. Possible causes include a failing or failed battery, problems with the fuel system, or a blocked / partially blocked air intake.

Check the battery connections. A loose battery cable makes a poor connection and reduces the battery power available to the starter and controls. Loose cable connections can prevent a good charge. Also check the fuses and replace as necessary. Check the battery with a battery tester or multimeter. Battery testers have more functions than a regular multimeter, but the multimeter can point you in the right direction.

 A fully charged battery should have at least 12.6 Volts. If it’s low than 12.4 volts, the battery could be failing. Below 12 volts it no longer holds a charge and should be replaced.

The fuel supply must be open. On a gas line, the valve lever should be parallel to the pipe and not at a right angle. An empty or near empty propane tank is an obvious but sometimes overlooked problem with the same results. Fill the tank.

Dirty air filters reduce the amount of air available to the engine. Replace dirty a dirty filter with a clean filter. Air intakes blocked with debris, litter, or ice/snow can make starting hard, reduce efficiency, or cause a failed start.

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Cummins Power Command HMI211 Fault Codes and Troubleshooting

Cummins PCC 1302 Control Board

Cummins PCC 1302 Controller Board

These are the most commonly searched Fault Codes and the methods used to troubleshoot the problem. Most are within the capability of a knowledgeable DIY homeowner. The Cummins Service Manual is a good resource for troubleshooting and repair of the less common fault codes the homeowner may find on their display.

Some troubleshooting and Repairs require additional knowledge or specialized software and connections. Refer to the Cummins Service Manual and related literature for additional information and methods.

Cummins Generator Fault Code 143 – Low Oil Pressure Warning

Low oil pressure generally causes a warning condition instead of a full shutdown. Possible causes include low oil level or an oil leak that prevents the engine from maintaining the correct oil pressure. Diagnosis is relatively simple in most cases.

Shut the generator down and follow all procedures for disabling the generator. Check the oil level. If it is low, add enough oil to bring it up to full, but do not overfill. Use the recommended viscosity oil for the current weather conditions.

Inspect the generator for a leak. An oil leak is obvious with stains or puddles of oil. A loose oil-change plug or improperly tightened filter could be the cause. Any other leaks should be handled by the local service dealer.

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Cummins Generator Fault Code 415 – Low Engine Oil Pressure Shutdown

Code 415 indicates that oil pressure fell below minimum (26 psig) for more than 10 seconds. Engine shutdown prevents catastrophic damage to the engine.

Disable the generator from starting and allow it to cool. Check the oil level. Add oil as necessary, but do not overfill. Inspect the generator for oil leaks. Contact your dealer if the engine is leaking oil.

Cummins Generator Fault Code 151 – High Coolant Temperature Shutdown

High coolant temperature causes an automatic engine shutdown to prevent damage. Causes include extreme ambient temperature, blocked enclosure air intake or discharge, low coolant level, blocked radiator, broken or loose fan belt.

Disable the generator engine according to Cummins procedure. Allow the engine to cool. Do not open the radiator of a hot engine.

Check the coolant level once the engine has cooled. If the coolant is low, this is the likely cause. Add coolant in the proper mix to bring it to full, but do not overfill.

Inspect the radiator for litter or leaves or debris that blocks air from passing through the generator. This is a good time to inspect the fan belt for wear. Broken belts must be replaced.

A blocked air intake for the generator enclosure prevents cool air from reaching the radiator. Blocked air discharge prevents hot air from exiting the generator enclosure. Clear the air intake and discharge of any debris, snow, ice, or litter.

Cummins Generator Fault Code 155 – High Intake Manifold Temperature Shutdown

A high intake manifold temperature causes engine shutdown to prevent damage. Call your local dealer for troubleshooting and diagnosis information or consult the troubleshooting procedure detailed in DTC 127 in the EControls Manual.

Cummins Generator Fault Code 488 – High Intake Manifold Temperature Warning

A warning fault code 488 indicates the manifold temperature exceeded specifications for more than 90 seconds. Probable causes include high ambient air temperature, blocked air intake or discharge, low coolant level, blocked radiator, broken or loose fan belt.

Disable the generator and allow it to cool before diagnosis and repair.

If the ambient temperature is high and the generator provides this warning code, reduce the electrical load on the generator to between 50 percent and 75 percent. Running the generator near maximum load in extreme temperatures can trigger this warning.

Clear the air intakes and discharge louvers of debris, litter, snow, or ice.

Check the coolant level. Allow the generator to cool before opening the radiator. Disable the generator from starting before checking / replacing coolant.

Clear the radiator of debris or litter.

Replace a worn or broken fan belt. Tighten loose belts for proper operation.

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Cummins Generator Fault Code 197 – Coolant Level Low Warning

This warning allows the generator to continue operating but should be corrected as soon as possible. A sensor has detected a low coolant level.

Shut the generator down and disable it from starting according to Cummins procedure. Allow the engine to cool. Do not remove the radiator cap while the engine is hot.

Remove the radiator cap after the engine cools. Add coolant to bring the coolant level to full. Do not overfill.

Cummins Generator Code 441 – Low Battery Voltage Warning

This warning code indicates the battery is failing, a cable is loose or damaged, or the battery needs recharging.

Check the battery cables for loose connections. Replace damaged cables or connectors. Clean corroded connectors or replace them.

Check the battery charger for connection to the AC supply. Make sure the charger is connected to the battery.

If battery voltage is below 11 volts, recharge the battery. If charging does not restore the battery to 12.0 volts or more, the battery is weak or dead and must be replaced.

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Cummins Generator Code 427 – CAN Data Link Degraded

Cummins Generator Fault Code 781 – ECM CAN Data Link Has Failed

The Engine Control Module cannot communicate with the Generator Controller. Causes include a failed CAN data link. The Engine Control Module (ECM) lost power or failed.

Checking the ECM

An emergency stop button has a relay that opens and closes. The normal state is closed. The open state disables power to the ECM keyswitch input. Pull out the switch to inactivate the emergency stop. Reset the emergency stop button. Press Off on the operator panel. Press Reset. Select Manual or Auto.

Make sure the emergency stop button is functioning. Measure the emergency stop outputs in the open and closed states. Verify the outputs switch states when the button is activated (pushed in) and deactivated (pulled out). Replace the switch if it doesn’t change states.

Check baseboard wiring.

Measure battery power at the keyswitch relay input and output. If battery power is present at both the input and output, the relay is functioning properly. If battery power is present at the input, but not the output, replace the relay.

Checking the CAN data link

Check the Datalink harness and connector pins between J11-20 to J1939+ and between J11-19 to J1939-. Check the shield ground connection at J11-17.

Disconnect the J11 Connector from the baseboard. Disconnect the EMC Datalink Connection. Measure the resistance between J11-19 and J11-20. The resistance should read 60 Ohms.

If the resistance is not 60 Ohms, check the terminating resistors. Each resistor should be 120 Ohms. Replace defective resistors.

Cummins Generator Fault Code 1438 – Fail to Crank Shutdown

The engine failed to crank when instructed to start. A fault 1438 Fail to Crank indicates the engine cannot start because it won’t turn. Possible causes include a dead or weak battery or a failed starter.

Verify the battery voltage is at least 12 volts (24 Volts on a 24-volt system). Charge a low battery or replace a battery that won’t charge above 12 volts.

Press the “Reset / Fault Acknowledge” Button on the display. Test the battery voltage at the starter B+ connection while the generator attempts to start. A correct voltage reading could indicate a defective starter. Fail to Crank 1438 Cummins Fault Code

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Cummins Generator Fault Code 1472 – High AC Current Shutdown

Generator output current exceeded 150 percent of generator rated current capacity. The most likely cause is an overloaded generator.

Remove unnecessary loads from the generator starting with loads that draw the most current such as electric dryers, electric range, electric water heater, or central air conditioning.

Cummins Generator Fault Code 5134 – Unknown Shutdown at Idle

The fuel supply is inadequate. Either the gas shut off or the fuel pressure was insufficient to run the engine.

Check the fuel supply for the correct fuel pressure and pipe size for fuel delivery. The engine must have an adequate supply of fuel for the engine to run.

Cummins Generator Fault Code 1246 – CAN Unknown Engine Fault

PCC 1302 Fault Code 1246 indicates the control board received an unknown message from the Engine Control Module (ECM.) The reason is unknown and may be an ECM fault for and Engine Fault.

Diagnosis of Cummins Fault Code 1246 requires the E-Controls Service Tool.

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