Cummins Onan RV manufactures gasoline, diesel, compressed natural gas (CNG), and liquid petroleum vapor (LPV) generators for recreational vehicles and commercial mobile applications. Ninety-five years of generator manufacturing and innovation coupled with the largest and best trained service and certified distribution network in the industry make Onan RV the natural choice for commercial mobile and RV generators.

Onan Corporation was founded in 1920 and became a leader and pioneer in power generation and engine technology. Onan later joined forces in 1986 with Cummins Engine Company, the worlds largest designer and manufacturer of diesel engines.

Consumer models include QuietGas and QuietDiesel, while Commercial Mobile generators provide power for commercial vehicles of all sizes. More...


Norwall PowerSystems is a certified dealer of Cummins-Onan RV products and a proud member of the Cummins-Onan trained and certified worldwide distribution network of Commercial Mobile and RV generators.