Kohler Backup Generators—Commercial Standby Generators

Written By: MJ Logan

24 Kilowatt to 60 Kilowatt Kohler Generators

Kohler Commercial Standby Generator.jpgAluminum Enclosures and ultra-quiet operation make Kohler Generators the perfect choice for larger homes in quiet suburban neighborhoods. Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) sold separately.

  • Perfect for large luxury homes, offices or retail operations.
  • Kohler Commercial-Grade Engine operates at 1800 RPM
  • Advanced Voltage and Frequency Regulation
  • Quiet, Neighborhood-Friendly Operation. 55dB - 60dB exercise, 61dB normal operation.
  • Electronically controlled fan minimizes generator noise.
  • Premium Quality Power with 1% voltage regulation and <5% harmonic distortion.

24kW Backup Power Generator 24RCL-QS4

30kW Backup Power Generator 30RCL-QS1

38kW Backup Power Generator 38RCLB-QS1

48kW Backup Power Generator 48RCL-QS12

60kW Backup Power Generator 60RCL-QS4

Guide to Commercial Standby Generators

80 Kilowatt to 150 Kilowatt Kohler Generators

Kohler Commercial Standby GeneratorLiquid-cooled commercial standby generators by Kohler Power Systems for large homes and small to medium businesses. They feature extraordinary reliability, super quiet operation, and high quality power. Kohler liquid-cooled commercial generators run on either natural gas (NG) or propane (LPG) and supply 120 / 240 volts of single-phase backup power. Available with either aluminum or steel enclosures. Small businesses, restaurants, offices, small manufacturing, retail operations, small warehousing, or the largest luxury estates.

  • Factory built to order, tested, and shipped.
  • UL listed. CSA approval available.
  • EPA Certified for NSPS
  • Advanced Decision-Maker 3000 Controller.
  • Simple switch between Natural Gas or LP Gas (propane.)

80kW 120 / 240V Standby Generator

80ERESD-QS5 (Aluminum Enclosure)

80ERESD-QS4 (Steel Enclosure)

100kW 120/240V Standby Generator

100ERESD-QS7 (Aluminum Enclosure)

100ERESD-QS8 (Steel Enclosure)

125kW 120/240V Single Phase

125ERESC-QS5 (Aluminum Enclosure)

125ERESC-QS4 (Steel Enclosure)

150kW 120 / 240V Single Phase

150ERESC-QS5 (Aluminum Enclosure)

150ERESC-QS4 (Steel Enclosure)


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